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Welcome to my website!

Admittedly, I am somewhat of a novice to the art of watercolor painting and pencil drawing. My career for 32 years was that of a professional photographer, mostly working in the larger cities. I began as a newspaper photographer, then chose freelancing which included architectural, commercial, portraits, advertising and special event shooting. Over the years, I fine-tuned my definition of good composition, lighting, contrast and color usage. Little did I know that these lessons would later aid me in my personal artwork.

I loved the watercolor medium for years and wanted to learn how to paint. So in 2016,  I purchased thin, 90-lb. paper (hey! said "mixed media") and a cheap palette of paints (brushes included, of course). I had no idea what I was doing! But thanks to You Tube videos and internet searches of various artists, I found "online instructors" who knew how to dumb-down to my level. 

In 2017, I retired from photography and was able to work with watercolors on a regular basis. Thanks to art exhibits, workshops, magazines, You Tube videos and various internet artists, I've learned even more. Mostly, I learned that in order to be a better painter, I needed to be a better sketch artist...something I hadn't done since high school. So, I was back to learning a medium all over again. Now, I love drawing!

My husband and I relocated from a small Colorado city to a tiny and peaceful community nestled in the Colorado mountains. The Sangre de Cristo mountain range stretches endlessly in both directions from our front porch, granting us amazing views as far as the eye can see. The air is fresh and the deer are abundant in this amazing Dark Skies community.

To date, I have about a half-dozen favorite artists I regularly follow. I had been following the watercolor works of Mary Whyte for some time. I recently attended an exhibit of hers entitled "We The People" in downtown historic Charleston, S.C. and was so blown away at what I saw! I also study the works of Thomas Schaller, Carl Purcell and Randy Hale...all pretty amazing artists. As for pencil, I am presently following the works of Texas-based Mary Ross Buchholz ( Her pencil work is very detailed and precise. In addition, local artist Andy Mast's work is exceptional. This guy was born to draw, no doubt (    


Watercolor Society Memberships

Colorado Watercolor Society, Signature Member

Western Colorado Watercolor Society, Signature Member

Women in Watercolor (International organization)

Pikes Peak Watercolor Society

Watercolor Exhibits

Pikes Peak Watercolor Society 2021 International Exhibition: "David's Catch"

Colorado Watercolor Society 2021 State Exhibition: Aspen Rainbow

Colorado Watercolor Society 2020 State Exhibition: "David's Catch"

Colorado Watercolor Society 2020 "Splash!" Exhibition: "Another Day"

Rockies West National 2020 (Western Colorado Watercolor Society): "Linda Loo"

Rockies West National 2019 (Western Colorado Watercolor Society): "Book Cliffs"

Ouray Alpine Festival 2019: "Another Day" HONORABLE MENTION   

                                                  Also entered: "Satchmo"

Splash! 2019 (Colorado Watercolor Society): "Abandoned"

Montrose Visual Arts Guild 2019: "Meredine" PEOPLE'S CHOICE 

                                                             Also entered:  "Satchmo" & "Linda Loo"

Montrose Visual Arts Guild 2018: "Abandoned" FIRST PLACE,

                                                            "Book Cliffs" PEOPLE'S CHOICE

Rockies West National 2018 (Western Colorado Watercolor Society): "Abandoned"

Ouray Alpine Festival 2018: "Abandoned"

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