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Cara Fandel

Welcome to my website!

For over 30 years, I worked as a professional photographer, mostly in large cities. My portfolio  included newspaper and magazine work, then conventions and other special events.  Little did I know that these years would later aid me in my personal artwork.

Upon retirement a few years ago, I immersed myself in watercolor painting.  Within four years, I acquired three Signature Memberships in watercolor societies. Covid arrived at the same time that I hit a creative wall. I decided to turn back the page to the basics of drawing. Since then, I've been drawing non-stop. I knew I finally found my medium! 

Drawing is an organic and simple means of expressing the passion I feel for art. Utilizing four basic elements I learned from photography and painting - composition, lighting, values and texture - I can chose how I want each piece to develop. I may not have the years of expertise in drawing compared to other pencil artists, but I do have the passion and desire to learn and improve. And, as time goes on, I'm discovering how to better pull from my 'right' brain.

My selection of subjects is fairly straight-forward, and for good reason. After all, how can anyone not connect with animals, nature and children? 

I follow the works of a number of artists including Mary Ross Buchholz, Rachel Brownlee, Doug Monson, Matt Atkinson, J.D. Hillberry, Andy Mast,  and Cheryl Harley-Volz, to name a few. 

Contact: CaraFandel@gmail.com


The Art Center of Grand Junction

Ouray County Arts Assn.

Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum

Sangre Arts Guild

Colorado Watercolor Society, Signature Member

Pikes Peak Watercolor Society, Signature Member

Western Colorado Watercolor Society, Signature Member

Exhibits - Past, Present and Future

One-Woman Drawing Exhibit "Expressions of Life", Wright Opera House, Ouray, CO, June-July 2023: 20 various drawings

Western Spirit Art Show, Cheyenne, WY April/May 2023: Finders Keepers

G.J. Art Center, Grand Junction, CO, Member Show,  Feb. 2023: No Way Out and Pause

PPWS 2021 International Exhibition: David's Catch

CWS 2021 State Exhibition: Aspen Rainbow

CWS 2020 State Exhibition: David's Catch

Splash! 2019 (CWS) Exhibition: Another Day

Rockies West National 2020 (WCWS): Linda Loo

Rockies West National 2019 (WCWS): Book Cliffs

Ouray Alpine Festival 2019: Another DayHONORABLE MENTION   

                                                  Also entered: Satchmo

Splash! 2019 (CWS): Abandoned

Montrose Visual Arts Guild 2019: MeredinePEOPLE'S CHOICE 

                                                             Also entered:  Satchmo & Linda Loo

Montrose Visual Arts Guild 2018: Abandoned FIRST PLACE,

                                                            Book Cliffs PEOPLE'S CHOICE

Rockies West National 2018: Abandoned

Ouray Alpine Festival 2018: Abandoned

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