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Cara Fandel

Welcome to my website!

For over 30 years, I worked as a professional photographer, mostly in large cities. My portfolio  included newspaper and magazine work, then conventions and other special events.  Little did I know that these years would later aid me in my personal artwork.

Upon retirement a few years ago, I immersed myself in watercolor painting.  Within four years, I acquired three Signature Memberships in watercolor societies. Covid arrived at the same time that I hit a creative wall. I decided to turn back the page to the basics of drawing. Since then, I've been drawing non-stop. 

Drawing has always been a basic, organic means of communicating our creativity. Somewhere along the line of life, we tossed it aside for other “priorities”… work a job, pay the bills, raise the kids, etc. Out of sight and out of mind, our past always sits in the back of our brains, hoping to be reignited at a later date. And that’s what happened to me.

The best part about drawing is when I become quickly entrenched in my work. I call it my “Zen” bubble. Most artists know what I'm referring to. Hours pass and it seemed like minutes. I then stand back and see what I’ve accomplished and what I need to do next. That's a cool place to be! 

Contact: CaraFandel@gmail.com


The Art Center of Grand Junction

Ouray County Arts Assn.

Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum

Colorado Artists Guild

Santa Fe Arts & Culture Dept.

Sangre Arts Guild

Colorado Watercolor Society, Signature Member

Pikes Peak Watercolor Society, Signature Member

Western Colorado Watercolor Society, Signature Member

Exhibits - Past, Present and Future

One-Woman Drawing Exhibit "Expressions in Pencil", Wright Opera House, Ouray, CO, May-July 2023: 20 various drawings

Western Spirit Art Show, Cheyenne, WY March/April 2023: Finders Keepers

G.J. Art Center, Grand Junction, CO, Member Show,  Feb. 2023: No Way Out & Pause

PPWS 2021 International Exhibition: David's Catch

CWS 2021 State Exhibition: Aspen Rainbow

CWS 2020 State Exhibition: David's Catch

Splash! 2019 (CWS) Exhibition: Another Day

Rockies West National 2020 (WCWS): Linda Loo

Rockies West National 2019 (WCWS): Book Cliffs

Ouray Alpine Festival 2019: Another Day & Satchmo

Splash! 2019 (CWS): Abandoned

Montrose Visual Arts Guild 2019: Meredine (People's Choice) 

                                                             Also entered:  Satchmo & Linda Loo

Montrose Visual Arts Guild 2018: Abandoned (First PLace)

                                                            Book Cliffs (People's Choice)

Rockies West National 2018: Abandoned

Ouray Alpine Festival 2018: Abandoned

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