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February 14, 2021

Welcome to my Blog! So glad you could join me.

I added this page to my website to tell you more about the pictures I paint and draw...their history, their importance and, hopefully, their impact. Since I've been focusing more on drawing recently, I'll start there. But first, some thoughts...

Drawing seems to be a lost art these days. Too many people in too big of a hurry to slow down and enjoy the thought (and action) of creating. More often, I hear "I have no talent. I wouldn't be able to do that". It's so sad to hear this statement because I know that 'talent' has absolutely nothing to do with good drawing (or painting, or sewing, or....). I tell them - as I'll tell you - it's all about Passion, Patience, Process and Perseverance. And that's it. Other artists know this as well. 

It all starts with Passion. If the interest is there, if you look at the artwork and say to yourself "that's cool! I wish I could do that", then you've got a good pad to launch from. You have to have the desire to want to do this.

But then it takes Patience... patience to slowly see it develop and grow into what you want it to be. You're not going to create a masterpiece overnight, so get over it. With each picture, you learn something new that you can consider in another picture you create later. There's always "I should have done it that way" when a piece is completed. Yes, it's a never-ending process.

Did I say Process? Oh, yes. It's all about how you feel as you're working it. When you turn on the right music, purposely avoid possible distractions (phone off, etc.), and slowly get into a "ZEN" frame of mind. It's a matter of simply taking your time and enjoying the process and not focusing on the end result. The end result will come when it's supposed to come. 

And there's Perseverance. Just when you think you're never going to do this again because it doesn't look anything like what you wanted it to look like. STOP! You need to slow down your busy mind, figure out why it's not doing what you want it to do, decide how you can rectify this situation, perhaps have a cup of coffee with something chocolate to eat (works every time for me), then start over. Work through the problems and...Persevere!

NOTE: All drawings can be viewed in larger format in my DRAWING portfolio, under "Galleries".

To order a picture, email CaraFandel@gmail.com

OK! So let's dive in with the most recent entry, working backward!

February 17, 2021

In 2013, I was in downtown New Orleans ('NawwLeans') doing a photo shoot for a client in the lovely month of blistering-hot June (the only time in my life when I got heat stroke). Periodically, I had some breaks to enjoy the  sites and sounds of this historic city.

One time, I wondered to nearby Bourbon St. in the French Quarter and saw some young musicians sitting on the edge of a sidewalk, jamming as if nothing in the world mattered to them. This young woman captured my interest immediately, so I focused on her. Now, 8 years later, she's the center of my latest drawing - Bourbon St. Blues.

This drawing was done with graphite pencils on Strathmore 400 series paper, medium surface, off-white, 14" x 17". I made a few small changes to the background to give it better direction. Otherwise, she's pretty much right-on!

This original is available for $375. 11"x14" photo copies are $75

Bourbon St. Blues

Bourban St  Blues

February 14, 2021

This drawing is entitled "Bailey". He is one of our two canine babies. This picture was drawn from an image I shot of him when he was barely one year old. He loved playing in the water and I felt this drawing captured his happy little spirit. It was drawn with graphite pencils on Bristol bright white paper, smooth side, 14" x17".

This original is available for $375. 11" x 14" photo copies are $75 


Splish Splash

Kebler Pass (in western Colorado) is well known for its abundant supply of Aspen trees and is arguable the largest living organism in the world. It stretches about 30 miles and is home to deer, cattle and any other critter you can image.

With green leaves in the spring and summer, then gold leaves in the fall, many people say they produce a musical sound as the wind flows through them (myself included). Looking Up was drawn from an image I shot in the fall, just as the leaves were beginning to change color, yet continuing to 'sing'. I loved this drawing so much that I also painted it (see my watercolor portfolio).

Using graphite pencils, this was drawn on bright white, Bristol recycled paper, 14" x 17".

This original is available for $375. 11" x 14" photo copies are $75 

Looking Up

Looking Up

Old Crystal Mill, formerly a power plant built in 1893, is a well-known scenic spot for locals and tourists. Also known as Dead Horse Mill, it sits on the Crystal River near Marble Colorado on the western slope of Colorado. It is accessible only by hiking (looong), ATV (preferable) or jeep (narrow in certain areas). This drawing was done with graphite pencils on 14" x 17" Strathmore series 400 paper, medium surface, off-white.

This original is available for $375. 11" x 14" photo copies are $75 

Old Crystal Mill

Old Crystal Mill

In 2019, I visited Charleston S.C. and Savannah, GA - two cities I hadn't been to in years but was anxious to spend time in again. Gullah  basket weaving is an unusual art centered in this part of the country and mostly made by members of the Gullah community, descendants of the enslaved west Africans. These basket weavers stretch along the coast from North Carolina to northern Florida. Watching and photographing them at work inspired me to draw Gullah Sweetwater Basket Weaving. This drawing was especially difficult due to the darkness in the weaver's hands. Similar to Bourbon St. Blues (below), I had to lay in multiple layers very carefully. This is a 7" x 11" graphite drawing on smooth Bristol paper, bright white.

This original is available for $175. 11" x 14" photo copies are $75. 8" x 10" photo copies are $45 

Gullah Sweetwater Basket Weaving

Gullah Sweetwater Basket Weaving

African Elephants was one of my first drawings, mainly because this is a favorite animal of mine. I also loved the 'wrinkles' I needed to produce. More important, I loved the connection that mama and baby expressed. I found this particular image online, wishing I had been there, in person, to see it up close and personal (I guess that's on my "bucket list").

This graphite drawing was done on 8" x 10" smooth Bristol paper.

This original is available for $175. 8" x 10" photo copies are $45

African Elephants

African Elephants
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